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Dunja´s Shownummern sind eine magische Mischung aus Surrealismus, einem Hauch von Burlesque, jeder Menge Hula-Hoop-Reifen und manchmal auch Feuer.  Sie ist eine unglaubliche Solo-Performerin mit einer wunderschönen Art, Geschichten zu erzählen. Zudem ist Sie Gründungsmitglied des Performance-Kollektivs "The Velvet Creepers", Berlins legendärem Zirkus- und Burlesque-Trio.

Sie tritt
national sowie international auf /Israel, Großbritannien, Niederlande, Türkei, Frankreich, Polen, Deutschland, Italien, Spanien) und ist bekannt in den Szenen von London und Berlin. Unter anderem trat Sie in folgenden Clubs und Veranstaltungsorten auf:  Cabaret Bizarre, House of Red Doors, Apokalipstick, Berlin Burlesque Week, Berlin Burlesque Festival, Full Moon Cabaret, Cabaret of Curiositease, A Curious Invitation, SLEAZE, Torture Garden, Mariah & Friendz, Lolo Brow's Cabaret Derangium, BGWMC, The Roundhouse und auf Festivals wie Wortlust, Edinbrugh Fringe, Brighton Fringe, Glastonbury, Bestival, Camp Bestival, Secret Garden Party, Wilderness, Pangea, Fusion sowie allen anderen großen Festivals, die Sie sich vorstellen können.


Girl in the Moon

A wonderful Art -Deco inspired Hula Hoop show with LED and or multi Hoops, that will take you to the moon and the stars and leave you there - mesmerized.



The Red Devil

This Hoop Devil is here to leave you sweating.


Fire walk with Me

Fierce fire act with Fire Hoop and Palms. Solo or with The Velvet Creepers.

Summer of Love


Bringing you back the Summer of '69 with this fun Heart & LED Hula Hoop Routine. Great for wedding parties. 


Pulp Fiction Hula Hoop

An homage to one of her favorite Quentin Tarantino films, Dunja acts out the famous dancing scene whilst hula hooping and sniffing cocaine like there's no tomorrow. But be aware when she gets out her blood hula hoops!

Snake Charmer

She run away with the vintage circus to charm the dangerous snakes of the world,  but was hungry for more.

A gorgeous burlesque piece with side-show elements.

La Foule

A lascivious, dancing frog-lady in a paddling pool full of slime, going by her day what ladys should be doing. Cooking the dinner and being depressed. So depressed she shortly decided to change the menu and starts to slowly cook herself to death. A captivating and surreal piece of art.

UV-Paint show

A captivating live body paint show in black light.


A Hula Hoop Burlesque act inspired by 'The Twilight Zone' with LED hoops and Drum&Base music.


A gruesome and chilling side-show act, full of blasphemy in which Dunja performs with a barbed wired hula hoop. The only hula hoop performer world wide to do this.


A gender bending burlesque act . Fetish.

Featuring balloon swallowing.


A performance art piece fighting abortion laws -  inspired by Olivier de Sagazan and Sabrina Sweepsticks, in which Dunja aborts herself.



It´s mating season and this black widow is hungry! Beware of her spider web. She´ll do anything to lure you in.


A funny and witty comedy act to ‘Thus spoke Zarathustra', explaining you the evolution of cotton. And tampons!

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